London Hydro - The First Utility Founding Member of the Green Button Alliance

About Green Button

Green Button has the potential to change the way we use electricity in North America

Officially launched in January 2012, Green Button is an initiative aimed at providing utility customers easy and secure access to their energy usage information in a consumer-friendly, computer-based format.

In November 2012, the Ontario Minster of Energy launched the Green Button initiative across Ontario. Data collected and shared will help Ontario households and businesses conserve energy and realize the benefits of smart meter technology.

London Hydro saw the value and became a leading advocate

Actively involved in the initiative since late 2012, London Hydro was one of the first utilities in Canada to provide Green Button Download My Data accessibility to customers in February 2013.

Phase 2 of the Green Button Project - The Green Button Connect My Data standard enables utilities and data custodians to capture and share customers' interval and near real time energy consumption data with third party solutions. Customers can choose from a selection of approved apps that use the Green Button format and give them permission to securely share their smart meter data with the app. The apps, in turn, provide customers with helpful information and analysis based on their data.

Three pillars are central to harnessing the full power of Green Button

By taking an aggressive approach in supporting a secure, scalable and universally accessible framework, London Hydro has been recognized as a Green Button program leader and as an innovator for 3 key elements of the technology solution design.

  1. Standards Base – Open data by design avoids creating silos of data, which can become barriers. It enables customers to access data from multiple facilities across different utilities and ensures that solutions work across provincial and international boundaries.
  2. Open Sources – By leveraging the greater development community the apps and tools needed to interpret data and help customers use energy smarter can be developed at a faster pace and in greater numbers. It also helps to lower licensing and development costs and creates a marketplace for skilled resources.
  3. Cloud computing – This is a game changer for near real time data and getting behind the meter analytics to facilitate data integration.

Be part of the movement to start using energy smarter

Already in Ontario, 10 utilities have joined Green Button, enabling 60% of Ontarians to be Green Button Download My Data participants.

Green Button is here to stay and promises to change the way we all use energy. Find out how easy it is to join today and become a smarter energy user.