Say "YES" to Green Button Connect My Data Platform


... the first Green Button commercial deployment fully ... in the Google Cloud.

Dr. Martin J. Burns, President Hypertek, Inc. and Electronic Engineer at NIST

The Green Button Initiative will give consumers access to their energy data and the ability to connect to mobile and web-based applications so they can analyze and manage their energy use.

Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Energy Minister

London Hydro and MaRS innovation center have been at the forefront of the Green Button initiative since inception.

Matt Theall, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

The knowledge we can gain from data is enormous and having it online is a great asset for us.

Mary Quintana, Compliance Coordinator, Energy & Water Projects, Facilities Management, Western University

Our end-to-end testing with the London Hydro Green Button Test Lab is on track to be far faster and easier than our previous OAuth 2.0 interfaces. We were able to obtain authorization tokens and initial resource downloads in under 4 hours of work, most of which were small tweaks required on our end.

David Krinkel, Energyai